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Share, Transfer and Download Android Files. 

Transfer and share files from your Android phone with any mobile or desktop device on your network.

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The App

Unlock the power of mobile NAS.

Safely share files with family and friends on your local WiFi network.

The Spirit Cloud app turns your android phone into a powerful NAS (Network-Attached Storage) drive that allows you to share and transfer files between devices with ease. 


App Features

Take control of your digital storage and file-sharing with Spirit Cloud.


Seamless file-sharing

With Spirit Cloud, you don't need to waste time trying to transfer files from one device to another. Instead, you simply access the files stored on any connected device, making file-sharing and collaboration a lot easier.




Create a private mobile cloud to share files among Android, PC, Mac and Linux devices directly from your Android phone or tablet. Say goodbye to third-party storage services and take back ownership of your data.


Packed with Utility

Use Spirit Cloud to access, create, bookmark, and export files & directories on any operating system. With the power of your phone and a simple USB stick, you can deploy terabytes of storage on your local network. 


Safer sharing for the price of a coffee

Third-party storage services leave your data open to breaches, and buying a physical NAS can set you back hundreds of dollars. Sharing files on a local network shouldn't be a hassle, that's why Spirit Cloud offers extra peace of mind with a secure and affordable mobile file-management solution.

How To Us

Get started with Spirit Cloud in 3 simple steps:


Download the app.

Once you install and open Spirit Cloud, the app will ask you to enable access to your connections. This will allow you to set up one or more Exports within Spirit Cloud from the “Exports” tab. 

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Add a server screenshot.png


Export a Directory.

Next, pick a directory to share by clicking the "Add" button on the lower right of the Export tab. This will bring up the Export dialog box where you can specify the directory to share and other information about the share.


Enable file-sharing.

Once the form is complete, you can click “Add”. To complete the process, you must enable the server to share files from the "Settings" tab. Congratulations, you’ve now set up your remote server and you can share files with any device, including Macs!

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What other users have to say about Spirit Cloud:

I was looking for an easy to way to transfer files between my Android and Mac computer. I didn't have much luck, as many apps wouldn't support that feature (or at least they didn't make it easy). Once I downloaded Spirit Cloud, I didn't even have to transfer the files - I had remote access to all of my device files directly from my Mac (and my tablet!). It is so easy to set it up and saves you lots of time - I just had to hook it up to my network and it was ready! 

Vlad H.

Charlotte, NC

I'm a professional photographer and primarily use a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera. I also have an Android phone and connect to my camera with the Canon Camera Connect App while shooting. I find initially storing my photos on my phone is convenient for many reasons. I've always dreamed of an app like Spirit Cloud. Although the Canon app was great for getting my photos on my phone, I still had a cumbersome process for getting the photos to my Mac. Now with Spirit Cloud, my Mac can access all the photos I take without having to transfer and duplicate them on each device. What took you so long?

Stacy S.

Austin, TX.

Thanks for your app.  I work from home and do most of my work on a laptop or desktop.  For years, I've used network file sharing to store my documents on my desktop PC.  I accessed them from both the desktop and remotely from my laptop. Unfortunately, I never had access to them from my phone so if I happen to only have my phone with me, I couldn't access client documents. I'd have to get my laptop or sit in my office. With Spirit Cloud, I now can view and edit these documents right from Microsoft Word on my phone! Perhaps the best part is that it was so easy to set up!

German R.

Dripping Springs, TX

Our Story

Our Story

Empowering users to take control over their personal data and files.

Connected Way has been in the software business for a long time and is a developer of network file-sharing solutions to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). We focus on creating solutions that enable and optimize collaboration both at home and the workplace.

Spirit Cloud transforms your Android device into a local server using nothing but a USB drive, and that's why we see our app redefining NAS storage for the home.

Say goodbye to inconvenient file-sharing apps and third-party cloud storage and say hello to accessing your files directly from any device.

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